What is #Spoofproof®?

#Spoofproof® is our take on the optimal outcome-based security posture. It’s an organic destination which flexes both in response to, and in anticipation of, today’s dynamic email threat landscape.

At its very core sits our objective to de-risk the use, misuse and abuse of email across your enterprise and entire supply chain.

#Spoofproof® doesn’t trade on your fear, instead it’s all about building trust back into your messaging infrastructure by using a mix of hand-picked products wrapped in our own engineering and managed run services.

It’s all about reclaiming control and allows you to prevent spoofing at source.

As you’ll see from our wheel to the right, becoming #Spoofproof® brings with it significant advantages to your organisation and solves multiple challenges simultaneously.

Do any of the challenges on our #Spoofproof® wheel resonate?

Slide Spoof Proof Logo - Black by Gradian Overcome
BEC Issues
your Supply
Secure &

The Outcome

We’ve spent the last 20 years actively listening to people, not being wedded to process or to technology reports.  It’s by listening to you, taking onboard your comments and identifying with your challenges that’s enabled us to pioneer #Spoofproof® in response.

The success of our outcome can be measured by the value we return both to you and your business.  By allowing us to address the challenges identified on our #Spoofproof® wheel you’ll derive intrinsic and immediate value from the following:

Intrinsic Value:

Slide Gradian Logo - White Confidence Improvement Integrity Business Impact Assurance
Confidence The guarantee that no-one in the
world can successfully deliver
pretending to be you.
Improvement Increased probability of your global
email reaching your target inbox.
Assurance The instant & ongoing ability to vet,
approve & authorise every single
business partner across your global
supply chain.
Business Impact No need for end user training.
No need for phishing simulation.
Virtually zero overhead on IT.
Integrity Peace of mind that your employees
will never be spoofed by your
Key Outcomes

But becoming #Spoofproof® is more than merely helping you to address your immediate challenges:  we deliver instrumental, longer term, value to your organisation too.  An all too under-rated by-product is the benefit derived across the entire business and we’ve outlined these departmental “wins” below:

Instrumental Value:

Slide 1 3 5 7 2 4
6 INTERNAL AUDIT preventing finance
FINANCE Supply chain
MARKETING INFORMATION SECURITY Brand integrity Incident response HR M&A IT Satisfying the duty of
care initiative to the
digital workplace
acquisition due
Software as a service
Departmental Wins

How Do We Do This?

We’ve authored a simple methodology that we call DIM offering a scalable, repeatable and agnostic framework of actionable intelligence we use to help you to get #Spoofproof®:

We’ll help you identify what’s out there and where you are now against where you hope to be. This becomes the starting point, the benchmark, against which progress can be made and value judged.

By understanding where you are and deploying the appropriate solution, we’ll help to bring you under management. We’ll optimise your messaging security posture in accordance with the challenges you’re seeking to overcome.

But it doesn’t stop there. Becoming #Spoofproof® isn’t a box ticking exercise but an ongoing commitment to the health of your messaging security infrastructure.  We’ll help you to sustain your #Spoofproof® posture by

working in partnership with you to maintain your responsiveness and proactivity in the face of ongoing change. #Spoofproof® is all about Partnership Made Brilliant™

Working Agnostically

Importantly, the #Spoofproof® security posture is achieved agnostically of your current messaging platform and gateway.  Your existing set up remains one of your assets and doesn’t box you in.  We’ll help you to build authenticity, integrity, truth and confidence back into your infrastructure across users, devices and interactions.


To understand the tech behind the know-how, please visit www.gradian.co.uk

What Next?

It starts with a conversation.

In essence, #Spoofproof® introduces automation to support your business to remove the guesswork. By transitioning from fear to trust you’re protecting your brand, integrity, stakeholders, employees and customers. Call us on +44 (0)1276 534771 to ask how we work or if you prefer to register your interest online then please complete the form below:

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